Passive aggressive junk

I was involved three separate passive aggressive email discussions from the same person at work.  Ugh.  After the first one I just refused to play.

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Bronys are in town

Bronys have hit Baltimore for a Bronycon!  I saw three with various hair in a vegetarian joint I frequent, and one on the street with a pink outfit and ears.  We’re almost four miles from their hotel so I’m sure it’s more fun nearby at the Inner Harbor.

If I didn’t have to work, I’d want to attend this conference at 1130 tomorrow:

Girl Cartoons- A Playful Transgression on Popular Culture’s Gender Normative Coding
11:30am – 12:30pm @Hall of Dawn

By playfully transgressing normative coding, girls’ cartoons are revising assumptions about gender in popular culture. Shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are subverting the adage that girls will watch boys’ shows but boys won’t watch girls’ shows and changing the landscape of girls’ cartoon consumption. Revolution brony now!

Ponies and feminism! Stuff I like.